FIP AIM - FIP Global Academic Leaders Forum (Open event to academic pharmacy leaders)



The Global Academic Leaders Forum (GALF) is FIP AIM’s annual meeting platform designed to strengthen institutional and professional development. This forum brings together academic pharmacy leaders from around the world to engage in discussions on leadership and pharmacy education in the international arena. GALF focuses on addressing current and relevant topics through interactive workshops led by leading experts, tailored to the needs of academic leaders.

The GALF 2023 topic is “Integrating science and practice in competency-based education for better workforce preparedness: a ONE FIP approach to the global health challenges”. It will provide a unique opportunity for pharmacy educators and leaders from all around the world to collaborate, share insights and learn from each other. The programme will include a range of sessions exploring critical topics such as leading and managing a competency-based education transformation, the impact of the pandemic on expected competencies of pharmacists, and potential barriers to competency-based education (CBE) transformation and how they can be overcome.

For more information, regarding the FIP Academic Institutional Membership (AIM) please click here.



09:00 – 09:35 Leading and managing a competency-based education transformation – a case study in Kuwait
Dr Pierre Moreau, Kuwait University, Kuwait
09:35 – 10:00

Breakout sessions to discuss change management steps and activities

  • What aspects should be considered in the analysis phase of contemplating a CBE curriculum?
  • What aspects should be considered in the development of the CBE curriculum?
  • What aspects should be considered during the implementation of a CBE curriculum_

10:00 – 10: 35


The need after the COVID-19 pandemic to develop a new set of competencies for pharmacist education
Prof. Paul John Gallagher, National University of Singapore Department of Pharmacy, Singapore
10:35 – 11:00

Breakout sessions to discuss the impact of the pandemic on expected competencies of pharmacists

  • What new competencies should be prioritised post COVID-19?
  • Are there competencies that could be removed from the current curriculum?
  • What resources would be needed to implement the new competencies?
11:00 – 11:25

Perceptions and barriers to CBE
Prof. Lilian M. Azzopardi, University of Malta

11:25 – 11:50

Breakout sessions to discuss potential barriers to CBE transformation and how they can be addressed

  • What are the barriers preventing you from embarking in the CBE journey?
  • How do we ensure reliable assessment of competencies?
  • How do we establish/measure the long-term effects of CBE to ensure their alignment with the desired goals?
11: 50 – 12:05 Plenary debriefings
12: 05 – 12:15 Announcement of FIP AIM Chair
12:15 – 12: 30 Closing and summary

Learning objectives

  1. Formulate competencies for work-ready graduates that can immediately tackle current and future professional challenges
  2. Discuss practical leadership and change management skills for pharmacy leaders who will transform education with CBE
  3. Devise a strategy to gradually transform traditional pharmacy curriculum towards CBE
  4. Investigate innovative ways to utilize experiential learning and entrustable professional activities in CBE