Programme topics

Topic A: Global solutions for global health challenges

Global solutions for global health challenges means aligning the goals. As the availability of advanced medicines and healthcare technologies progress at an almost exponential rate, so do the challenges and opportunities. We work to support the development of the pharmacy profession, through practice and emerging scientific innovations, and through developing the pharmacy workforce to meet the world’s health care needs and expectations.
Global problems requires global solutions involving international co-operation and collaboration. No single country can beat the challenges by their own.
We are using these moments at the Congress to shine a light on innovative solutions from pharmacy and healthcare for many of the world’s most pressing global health problems, from pandemic preparedness financing to priority-setting for selfcare and universal health coverage. Patients and communities deserve sustainable care that’s accessible. Health is an investment in the future!

Topic B: Together for better health outcomes

In order to achieve our ambitions, we collaborate with key stakeholders – we believe that no one organization can address the challenges of sustainability alone. Together, we must build a common understanding of sustainable development that considers the balance between environmental, social and economic factors, and is based on evidence based research. The Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with advancements in science and technology, has contributed to a dynamic future market for pharmacists all over the world.
We will explore how pharmacists can achieve better patient health outcomes by working successfully together with other healthcare professionals and partners – with impact on patient safety, primary healthcare in the new normal, immunizations, antimicrobial stewardship, new regulatory opportunities, person-centred care and much more. This is about how we work together for better health outcomes. Patients and communities deserve sustainable care that’s accessible. Together, we can help ensure health systems are ready to make the most out of innovation for the benefit of patient populations across the globe.

Topic C: Innovations in the modern world – creating opportunities for pharmacy

As we’ve entered the third decade of the century, we’re all surrounded by technology. The world of pharmacy is no exception. Given the fast evolution of technology, AI, chatbots, blockchain and robotics the future pharmacy will likely be quite different from what we’re currently used to – and this development is happening already. We will explore the developments in pharmaceutical sciences, education & workforce and pharmacy practice. In a fast-evolving world, you have to stay updated, and we are here to provide you with all that you need. Learn about the trends that will help shape the future pharmaceutical science, education and pharmacy practice.
Sessions will link to our global roadmap providing you with the strategic framework that pulls together the FIP vision for transforming pharmacy worldwide, in support of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the FIP Development Goals.
We will answer one of the hottest questions when it comes to the future of pharmacy and healthcare – will technology substitute human expertise and work.

Topic D: Targeting special interests

This topic will target special interests in the different fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. We invite you to select from a range of sessions that explore different fields of interest in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. The world we live in is full of opportunities. Some speakers will talk about the future of pharmacy and healthcare in different perspectives, others will have a focus on areas linked to the overall Congress theme. With sessions yet to be finalised, there will be something exciting for everyone.