Poster sessions


The abstracts that are accepted for FIP 2023 are published in the Pharmacy Education journal.

Waiver of liability
All poster presenters are responsible for putting up and removing their own posters in a proper way and strictly within the indicated timeslots.
If presenters hang their posters too early or do not remove their posters in time, FIP is not responsible, for any damage that may occur if they have to be removed by staff members.
The allotted timeslots for hanging up posters should be strictly observed.



First poster

Last poster

Academic pharmacy APS-001 APS-025
Community pharmacy CPS-001 CPS-043
Drug delivery and manufacturing DDD-001 DDD-016
Health and medicines information HMI-001 HMI-018
Hospital pharmacy HPS-001 HPS-068
Pharmacy practice research PPR-001 PPR-049
Social and administrative pharmacy SAP-001 SAP-040
Pharmacy technicians TEC-001 TEC-004
TUESDAY 26 SEPTEMBER First poster Last poster

Academic pharmacy→

APS-030 APS-056
Clinical biology→ CBS-001 CBS-011
Community pharmacy→ CPS-045 CPS-079
Drug delivery and manufacturing→ DDD-020 DDD-036
Health and medicines information→ HMI-021 HMI-036
Hospital pharmacy → HPS-075 HPS-126
Industrial pharmacy→ IPS-001 IPS-010
New generation of pharmaceutical scientists→ NGP-001 NGP-005
New medicines → NMS-001 NMS-014
Pharmacy practice research→ PPR-050 PPR-078
Personalised and precision medicine→ PPM-001 PPM-013
Regulatory sciences and quality→ RSC-001 RSC-007
Social and administrative pharmacy→ SAP-045 SAP-082
WEDNESDAY 27 SEPTEMBER First poster Last poster
Academic pharmacy→ APS-061 APS-084
Community pharmacy→ CPS-085 CPS-120
Drug delivery and manufacturing → DDD-040 DDD-055
Health and medicines information→ HMI-040 HMI-053
Hospital pharmacy→ HPS-130 HPS-185
Military and emergency pharmacy MEP-001 MEP-007
New medicines→ NMS-020 NMS-032
Personalised and precision medicine→ PPM-015 PPM-029
Pharmacy practice research → PPR-080 PPR-119
Regulatory sciences and quality→ RSC-010 RSC-016
Social and administrative pharmacy→ SAP-085 SAP-122