BMWE-01 - Open Meeting Western Pacific Forum Region

Great Hall 2
Organised by Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum (WPPF)


The Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum (WPPF) works to enhance pharmacy practice, science and education in the WHO Western Pacific Region which stretches from Mongolia in the north west to French Polynesia in the south east. All delegates from countries of the WHO Western Pacific Region are invited to this discussion of the future structure of WPPF, and review the common region-wide priority issues that they believe Forum should address. 


Part 1: 15:15 – 15:25 Welcome and introduction.

The WPPF President, John Jackson will report on the negotiations to amalgamate the regional pharmaceutical forums with FIP and answer questions from the meeting on the future structure and operation of the forum.

Part 2:  15:25 – 16:00 How to support pharmacists who experience workplace stress.

Many pharmacists work in very stressful environments and the COVID-19 pandemic added to this stress. What can pharmacists do when they experience stress? What can the profession do to support pharmacists experiencing stress?

The Pharmacists Support Service (PSS) provides advocacy, education and telephone counselling for pharmacists in Australia who experience workplace-related stress. Similar services are beginning to evolve in other parts of the Western Pacific Region.

Following a presentation by PSS CEO, Kay Dunkley on the structure, operation and impact of the service, a moderated panel discussion will be held on pharmacists’ experience of workplace stress. Ideas and options for developing pharmacist support services in the region will be discussed.

Moderator:                     Ms Suzanne Caliph, WPPF Secretary
Speaker & panellist:     Mr  Kay Dunkley, Australia
Panel members:           

  • Ms Carolina Ung, Macau SAR China
  • Ms Leonila Ocampo, Philippines
  • Ms Jack Chen, Taiwan

The expected outcome from this session is an increased awareness of the causes of workplace stress, and how to minimise its impact.


Part 3: 16:00 – 16:05 Stand and stretch break:

Part 4: 16:05 – 16:40 Advancing Good Pharmacy Practice in countries of the Western Pacific Region

The Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) guidelines describe four roles for pharmacists:

  • Preparation and supply of medicinal products
  • Maintaining individual professional competence
  • Contributing to improving the efficiency of the health system
  • Providing rational medication management.

The WPPF hosted a summit of leaders of national pharmacy associations in Manila in 2016 to identify issues relevant to the development of GPP. The following issues have been the focus of subsequent work of the WPPF:

  • National Competency Standards
  • Medication therapy management services

WPPF Vice President Wai Keung Chui will introduce this topic by reviewing the outcomes of the Manila summit and moderate a panel discussion on how the issues relevant to GPP have changed.

Speaker and moderator:             Mr Wai Keung Chui, WPPF Vice President

Panel members:                           

  • Mr Jack Shen Lim, Malaysia       
  • Mr Atsushi Toyomi, Japan
  • Mr Duri Henry, Papua New Guinea
  • Ms Aleth Therese Dacanay Philippines

The expected outcome from this session is an understanding of the common issues relevant to the advancement of GPP across the Western Pacific Region and awareness of how WPPF may be able to support GPP.


Part 5: 16:40 – 16:45 Concluding remarks

Mr John Jackson  , WPPF President