LSSU-01 - Pharmacy in Australia



Ms Bronwyn Clark, Australian Pharmacy Council, and Mr Brett Simmonds, Pharmacy Board of Australia


The healthcare system in Australia provides quality, safe and affordable health care to its population, and is managed at local, state and territory, and federal levels. It has a large, diverse healthcare workforce providing care through public and private arms of the healthcare system. Australian pharmacists have an integral role in promoting quality use of medicines and optimising health care for the Australian population.

Australia now has more than 36,000 pharmacists, with most having completed a pharmacy degree from one of the country’s 20 accredited pharmacy schools. Together, these schools graduate close to 2,000 students per year.

Registered pharmacists work in many areas of the healthcare sector — community, hospitals, universities, government departments of health and the pharmaceutical industry. Australian pharmacists’ scope of practice is expanding. Emergent roles, such as in aged care, and opportunities such as specialty clinical positions, clinical trials and collaborative pharmacist prescribing, will further their contribution to the health and well-being of Australians.

The Australian healthcare system, like its international counterparts, has several challenges, such as an ageing population with rising rates of chronic diseases, and increasing costs associated with health care as well as medical research and innovations. These are compounded by accessibility challenges, with vast distances between many of Australia’s regional and rural centres. Emerging health technologies and availability of health data have the potential for better use for research, education, delivery of health services and shaping policy.

This session gives you a snapshot of Pharmacy in Australia.


12:30 – 12:35 Introduction by the chairs
Acknowledgement of Country
12:35 – 12:45

The Australian health regulatory framework

Mr Brett Simmonds – Pharmacy Board of Australia

12:45 – 12:55

The Australian health professions accreditation system

Ms Bronwyn Clark – Australian Pharmacy Council

12:55 – 13:05

The Australian pharmacy education system

Prof. Deb Rowett – Council of Pharmacy Schools

13:05– 13:35

Pharmacy practice in Australia

  • Medicines safety – a national priority
    Dr Fei Sim – The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • Specialty practice recognition and pharmacy
    Mr Tom Simpson – The Society for Hospital Pharmacists of Australia
  • Community pharmacy remuneration
    Mr  Lachlan Pettiford, Parkes Pharmacy – Life Pharmacy Group
13:35 – 13:45 Indigenous pharmacists and the impact on Australia’s health
Ms Aleena Williams, Leaders in Indigenous Pharmacy Profession Education (LIPPE)
13:45 – 14:15

Australian pharmacy research and impact on health services

  • Urinary tract infection prescribing
    Prof. Lisa Nissen – University of Queensland
  • Mental health services
    Dr Sarira El-den – Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association; The University of Sydney
  • Medical research foundation funding
    Prof. Parisa Aslani – Vice President FIP; The University of Sydney
14:15 -14:25 Questions for speakers
14:25 -14:30 Close by chairs