MOTU-03 - Sharing ideas of member organisations: Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana



Dr Samuel Kow Donkoh, President Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana.


FIP member organisations will present their best initiatives and challenges.


08:00 – 08:05 Introduction by the chair
08:05 – 08:25

Pharmacists’ involvement in vaccination – Ghana and beyond

Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana

The presentation will outline the path we took and the collaborations we had as well as challenges we faced in being able to implement this programme

08:25 – 08:45

Pharmacists-led interventions to mitigate the impact of Covid-19; the case for Ghana

Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana

The first two cases of COVID-19 in Ghana were confirmed on 12th March 2020. Following that, many more individuals were infected with the virus with several fatalities. This called for continued, concerted intensive action towards the containment of the disease across the country. Pharmacy in Ghana responded on several fronts. The pandemic put pharmacists at the forefront of several interventions related to emergency preparedness, case prevention, screening and testing, vaccination and risk communication.