MOWE-03 - Sharing ideas of member organisations: Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore and Saudi Pharmaceutical Society



Dr Vivianne Shih President Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore


FIP member organisations will present their best initiatives and challenges.


08:00 – 08:05 Introduction by the chair
08:05 – 08:25

Initiating a community pharmacists vaccination programme in Singapore

Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore

In September 2022, the Ministry of Health released a White Paper on Healthier Sg. This is a multi-year strategy that aims to transform healthcare delivery by shifting our focus to preventive care. One of the key features of Healthier SG is to develop health plans that include lifestyle adjustments, regular health screening, and appropriate vaccinations. Besides providing financial subsidies for nationally recommended screenings and vaccinations, it is also crucial for the general public to have an increased awareness on the need for vaccinations.

08:25 – 08:45

General administration of pharmaceutical care initiatives during 2022 – 2023

Saudi Pharmaceutical Society

The presentation will contain a presentation of the initiatives. Please click here for more information.