MOWE-02 - Sharing ideas of member organisations: The Canadian Pharmacists Association & the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia



Dr. Shawn Bugden, chair Canadian Pharmacists Association and Mr Tom Simpson, chair Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia


FIP member organisations will present their best initiatives and challenges.


08:00 – 08:05 Introduction by the chairs
08:05 – 08:25

The growing role of pharmacists in primary care

Canadian Pharmacists Association

As health systems start to recover from the pandemic, pharmacists across the globe have cemented their role as integral partners in health care. From providing vaccinations, to prescribing for common ailments, governments are increasingly relying on pharmacy professionals to deliver routine primary care services to patients in their communities. Pharmacies are stepping up to lead new models of primary care that are now critical to keeping patients out of hospitals and emergency rooms, while improving health outcomes.

The session will be presented by the chair of the Canadian Pharmacists Association, Dr. Shawn Bugden, who will provide case examples of new Canadian pharmacy led primary care models, including pharmacy walk-in clinics pilots.

08:25 – 08:45

Pharmacy Forecast Australia 2023

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia

The launch of ‘Pharmacy Forecast Australia 2023’, an annual strategic thought leadership piece on emerging trends and phenomena projected to impact pharmacy practice and the health of Australian patients over the ensuing five years, developed by SHPA utilising ‘wisdom of crowds’ methodology.

Now in its third year, Pharmacy Forecast Australia has grown quickly to become an indispensable part of the broader pharmacy landscape in Australia; this session aims to share the survey findings, subsequent analysis and recommendations with a global audience, facilitating discussions on advancing pharmacy practice across jurisdictions.