TAG - The FIP Digital Pharmacy Summit

Organised by Organised by the FIP Technology Advisory Group


Mr Jaime Acosta-Gomez, FIP Technology Advisory Group, Spain and Dr Lars-Åke Söderlund, Advisor FIP Congress Programme Development Group, Sweden


New career paths are appearing in pharmacy, and these career paths are digital ones. Countries are approving growing numbers of digital products to triage, monitor and treat patients, building on a growing acceptance of wearable products to monitor health, health apps to guide daily activities, smart solutions to monitor and improve adherence, and much more.

Technology is changing the patient journey, and digital health is mainstream, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and telehealth and telepharmacy. We need to catch up with digital resources, not stay tied to legacy approaches. Digital health needs digitally enabled pharmacists.

Digital health is hardly a new concept, as digital monitoring and mechanical health alerts have long been standard for cars and trucks. In humans, though, digital health includes a growing variety of sensors, mobile apps, telehealth applications, artificial intelligence, voice assistances, robotics, and automation.

Most patients already use the Internet to search for health information, and many use digital health tracking devices.



13:30 – 13:40 Introduction by chairs
13:40 – 14:05

Overview – Why we need to digitally transform healthcare? The experience to date in Australia
Mr Chris Campbell, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

14:05 – 14:35

Designing person-centred digital models of care  
Ms Susan Cheng, Intersystems, Australia

14:35 – 15:05 Digital capabilities for the pharmacy workforce, are we prepared?
Mr Peter Guthrey, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
15:05 – 15:30

Panel discussion: The future of digital health – Do patients want us to innovate our service delivery model? And are pharmacists prepared to do it?

Panellists besides the above speakers:
Dr Tyler Davis, Amazon, United States
Prof. Pauline Siew, Mei Lai University Malaya, Malaysia

15:30 – 16:00 Tea break
16:00 – 16:30

Digital therapeutics, Interoperability/data/EHR/artificial intelligence and its potential to transform pharmacy practice
Ms Claudia Rijcken, Pharmi, Netherlands and  Dr Ardalan Mirzaei The University of Sydney, Australia

16:30 – 17:00 Virtual training platforms – and the role of the pharmacist
Mr Martin Brown, The University of Sydney, Australia
17:00 – 17:30

Panel discussion: Will the pharmacy be the front door to the new health ecosystem? What will be the future pharmacy look like?Panellists besides the above speakers:
Ms Enzinne Onwuekwe, member FIP TAG, Canada

17:30 – 17:35


Learning objectives

  1. To describe the challenges for pharmacy in digital health
  2. To prepare pharmacists for the dynamics of digital health/digial pharmacy
  3. To explain how pharmacists need to become active in the transformation of healthcare


Take home message:

Digital health is the future, and so is digital pharmacy. This session will empower pharmacists in these areas, and prepare them for the fast changing healthcare environment where digital health is becoming a standard.


The session is accessible with pre-registration only via the regular congress registration. Costs are A$ 80.-.